July 18, 2019    

Game Room
Print Work
Web Writing

Rouge Park
This site was redeveloped to include a dynamic template and a keyword searchable database of the Rouge Park Archives, using PHP and MySQL.
Innisfil Public Library
This site was redesigned, to both improve appearance and facilitate navigation. My main tools were Adobe Photoshop, PHP and Notepad.
Town of Innisfil
Navigation was improved by a javascript drop-down menu system, and a PHP template was used.
Chambers Period Furniture
This site is currently being developed. The primary goal of the site is to encourage visitors to order a product catalogue. Site includes a PHP template, and graphics are developed using Photoshop, Illustrator, and ImageReady.
Kids' Zone
This is the kids' section of the Innisfil Public Library. I assisted in the site design and navigation, using PHP templates, Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady, and an html editor.
Innisfil Economic Development Database
This site is a database driven, highlighting economic development in Innisfil. I designed the template and act as a database administrator for the site, while promoting it to the community.
Simcoe County Local Heroes
The Simcoe County local heroes is a database driven site (using PHP and MySQL) that highlights prominent members of our community's past. I ws responsibe for the redesign of this site, using Photoshop and ImageReady.
Innisfil Community Cybersite
This site, part of the Innisfil Public Library, promotes the Community Access Program, bringing connectivity to the community. Designed with Photoshop and an html editor.
Innisfil Historical Society
I have incorporated the same database used in the Simcoe County Local Hereos site for Innisfil Historical Society website, while ensuring that the this site retains its own appearance.
Canadian Forces Training and Development Center
This site was developed for the Canadian Forces as part of the Web Design and Production course. I assited in the development of the course catalogue, site map and other technical aspects.
Rhonda Knapp R. M. T.
This site highlights the services offered by a local massage therapist. It was developed using Photoshop, ImageReady and Dreamweaver UltraDev.