July 18, 2019    

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Web Writing

There are many aspects of web design that I find exciting. Some of these include:
  • The opportunities for new and on-going challenges;
  • Having the ability to express with creativity and innovation;
  • Continuously learning new methods and software;
  • Working with a variety of clients;
  • Learning about the many areas of an organization;
  • Assisting a client to effectively promote their product;
  • Meeting and working with new people.

Web Design and Production offers a wide range of opportunities for me, and I feel that working in this field will satisfy my desire for growth, creativity and success.In the past I have worked as an environmental educator.

To some it may seem that web design is an entirely different career path. In fact there are many similarities.

As an educator I gained vast experience as an interpreter - one who can take complex ideas and express them clearly and effectively to the audience. This is an essential skill in web design.

An educator needs fo be very creative, and always thinking of new and interesting ways to communicate a message. The same can be said for web design.

I will draw from my experience as both an educator and a web designer to offer outstanding service, and innovative ideas for my clients.